We are european sellers, providing Italian classic design furniture for your home! Selling high quality vanities for several years, we know what customers are looking for! We sell handmade unique pieces of art to make your bathroom the prettiest cosiest room in your home!

The quality of our products is the best you can find. Every piece is hand made and beautiful designed with its carvings and small details. We only sell the highest quality, and guarnatee that our products will be not only fit our modern standards, they are very durable as well.

Different styles will help you to find the bathroom of your dreams for a fantastic price! We offer mediterranian style, antique inspired vanities from ancient times like rococo or baroque, african inspired mirrors and vanities as well as pure modern and functional pieces or very pompous and massive cabinets and mirrors.

Thank you for coming to our website! Coming from Europe, we just started selling our "Bathroom Dreams" in the United States. We hope you enjoy our products.
Be inspired by our picture galleries, were you will find the actual collection of available pieces. If you have questions about our products, please send an email to